“Thank you so much for preparing us before we came to St. Lucia with regards activities. It was so nice to come here and do everything –many things we would not have known about without your help”

Frans & Helga –Germany

“ So nice and quiet –at night and during the day –exactly what we wanted –away from the village center and yet within walking distance”

Piet & Wilma –SA

“ Wonderful hospitality. Nice and spacious and very clean –will certainly recommend you to our friends”.

Cliffie –SA

“Bird watching from the garden –and mind you got plenty of monkeys thrown in as well! We love the wildlife and friendly atmosphere”

Thelma & Marie –SA

“Power cuts are a problem everywhere –particularly in St. Lucia. We had to move here from other accommodation because they did not have a generator. We should have come here first –this is absolutely fantastic”

Gert & Anna –SA

“Neale thank you for all the fishing advice and recommending the BEST fishing charter. Nice to find a charter that really cares and doesn’t simply take your money”

Willie –SA

“Two nights is too short –wish we had booked for longer there is so much to do. Will be back”

Chuck & Nancy –USA

“The hippos do REALLY feed in the garden at night!!

Marie –France

“ Incredible hospitality –THANK YOU DAWN. Every time we asked for something we got it –WITH A SMILE!”

Andre & Helen –SA

“We have been here 3 times now and will always come back to our “second home”. Love it here –absolutely love it”

Milton & Selby –USA

“There are plenty of places to stay at in St. Lucia and it is difficult to book when you have not seen the place. You can rest assured they have everything here. Hospitality, spacious, clean and everything within walking distance from town and only a short drive away from the Game Reserves. You come highly recommended Neale & Dawn –thanks for everything”Anne & Robbie –UK

“This is our first time in St. Lucia –we will be back. Thank you both for making our stay truly memorable –love the house”

Andrew Patterson –USA

“5 stars for everything –friendly hospitality, friendly maid (biggest smile), rooms everything. Saw lions, hyena –elephants –everything”

Anna & Timson –Sweden

“ Ons kom nou baie al na St. Lucia en ons bly altyd hier. Beste gaste –beste huis –hulle doen alles vir you”

Alta & Hennie -SA



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